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About Our Products

Sea Shore is built with “Dedicated & Experience” personnel since 1976 providing “True Quality” equipment & tubulars acquired “New” from active API manufacturers. Our quality system (dev by Duncan-ware) is powered by “TRAQ SYSTEM”, which assures detailed tracking history from cradle to grave on each item owned & rented by SS to our customers. Each rental item is uniquely serialized, fully certified and has full documentation available upon request.

Current Rental Assets:
Tubing, 1-1/4” 3.02# P110 SL Range 2 w/1-1/4” CS Type LTS Connections
Tubing, 2-3/8” 5.95# P110 SL Range 2 w/2-3/8” Ph6 Type LTS Connections
Tubing, 2-7/8” 7.90# P110 SL Range 2 w/2-7/8” Ph6 Type LTS Connections
Current Hoisting & Handling Equipment:
Elevators, (MYT 40-ton capacity), (YT 75-ton capacity), (HYT 150-ton capacity)
Internal pressure control Safety & Inside BOP Valves, 1-1/4”, 2-3/8” & 2-7/8” (2) step connections
Integral Pup Joints, 1-1/4”, 2-3/8” & 2-7/8” P110 (2) step connections
Manual Tongs, stabbing guides, drifts, bit subs, pump-in subs, swivels subs, saver subs & various cross-over subs also available.
Future Rental Assets:
Tubing, 1-1/2” 3.25# P135 SL Range 2 w/1-1/2” CS Type LTS Connections
Drill pipe, 4-1/2” 16.60# S135 Range 2 w/GPDS42 Connections
Drill pipe, 4-1/2” 16:60# S135 Range 2 w/Delta425 Connections
Drill pipe, 5” 19:50# S135 Range 2 w/DS50 Connections
Drill pipe, 5” 19.50# S135 Range 2 w/NC50 (4-1/2” IF) Connections
Blow-out Preventers,
      7-1/16” 5-15M Type “U” Ram Style BOP’s
      7-1/16” 5-10M Spherical BOP’s
      11” 5-10M Type “U” Ram Style BOP’s
      11” 5M Spherical Style Spherical BOP’s